Barchard Engineering Ltd.

Barchard Engineering Ltd. is a family owned and operated engineering company situated in Edmonton, Alberta that supplies, repairs, services and calibrates meters and instruments for natural gas industry providers, suppliers and consumers in Canada. 

As a distributor, Barchard Engineering Ltd. sells a variety of products including rotary meters, diaphragm meters, turbine meters, and instruments each suitable for various situations and applications.

The company also offers full repair and calibration of all meters and instruments.  Barchard Engineering proudly relies on its in-house trained technicians to provide all of their service work.

Barchard Engineering was assessed by Measurement Canada and was found to meet all applicable requirements for accreditation.  Accreditation under S-A-01:2010 was granted on April 4, 2000 to perform inspections pursuant to the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act and offer Measurement Canada sealing for custody transfer meters. 

Barchard Engineering Ltd is also involved in the custom design and fabrication of Regulating, Metering and Odorizing (R.M.O.) Stations for gas co-ops across Alberta. 
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For over 4 decades, Barchard Engineering Ltd has been building a strong team of highly trained professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field of natural gas equipment sales, service and repair.

Barchard Engineering Ltd. has been trusted by some of North America's leading companies to carry, service and represent their products for the Canadian natural gas industry.

While there have been many changes over the years in technology and in regulations, there has been one thing that has never changed: our commitment to putting customers first with the very best in natural gas equipment supply, service and repair.

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