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Repair, Service and Calibration

Barchard Engineering Ltd. supplies, repairs, services, and calibrates natural gas meters, regulators, and instruments for natural gas industry suppliers and consumers of Canada.

In April 2000, Barchard Engineering Ltd. was assessed by Measurement Canada and was accredited to service, inspect and seal natural gas meters for custody transfer.

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Repair Service and Calibration


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Barchard Engineering Ltd. offers a range of rotary, turbine, and diaphragm meters for the natural gas distribution and transmission industry.

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Barchard Engineering Ltd. supplies natural gas regulators, which are used to control and monitor the output pressure of natural gas flowing in a line.  Regulators are used in a variety of residential and commercial applications. They are available in a wide range of body sizes, spring sizes (pressure ranges), and orifice sizes (flow rates) and can provide the outlet pressure ranges and capacities to fit most service applications.

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Barchard Engineering Ltd. supplies Instruments, which calculate complete corrected volume to ensure accurate billing for customers.  Pressure-only instruments, which correct only for pressure, are typically utilized in conjunction with meters, which are already correcting for temperature.  Pressure, temperature and super-compressibility instruments, as the name suggests, account for both pressure and temperature and are utilized when pressure measurement is over 100 PSI.

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AMR Devices

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) has become an important contributor to the success of natural gas utility companies and co-ops.  In the past few years since its deployment, AMR technology has made the meter-reading and billing operations more accurate, efficient and timely. 

Common benefits of AMR implementation include:
·         Increased accuracy in meter reading and data entry into the billing system (i.e.
          removal of the possibility for human error).
·         Elimination of the difficulties of reading hard to-get-to meters.
·         Reduction in customer billing complaints.
·         Elimination of the need to access customer property.

AMR technology also offers benefits beyond meter reading. It provides capabilities like leak detection, outage notification, demand reset, tamper information, and interval data logging.

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RMO Stations

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For over a decade, Barchard Engineering Ltd. has proudly designed and fabricated custom R.M.O. stations and solutions for numerous natural gas Co-ops across Alberta.  The staff at Barchard Engineering Ltd. would be pleased to review your specific requirements and design and manufacture a solution for you.

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