RMO Stations

Regulating, Metering and Odorizing (R.M.O.) Stations

As a recognized industry supplier, Barchard Engineering Ltd. offers a range of natural gas regulating, metering, and odorizing (R.M.O.) solutions conforming to the highest industry standards. 

Barchard Engineering Ltd. understands the importance of selecting a natural gas R.M.O. system that is effective, produced with high quality, and is promptly delivered. 

We have over 10 years of experience in the custom fabrication of R.M.O. stations  and plan and produce each system based on your specifications, ensuring reliable gas control and supply in a variety of distribution and transmission environments.

We offer in detail:
  • customer specific systems with standard modules or specific components
  • retro fits to existing R.M.O. stations
  • support during start up and installation
  • horizontal or vertical tanks or odorant injection system packages

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R.M.O. Station Construction

Virtual Tour

To view the interior of an R.M.O. Station, please click here for a virtual tour.